About Susan

Susan Nilon is a sophisticated, intelligent voice in politics, who has imbued her unique brand of compassionate and clever curiosity into interviews with national names across the political spectrum.

A multi-faceted entrepreneur for 15 years, and founder of a groundbreaking grass-roots broadcast venture in southwest Florida, Susan brings added dimension and thoughtful, informed empathy to panels, forums, community events, conferences, special events and radio/television interviews.

Former host of “The Nilon Report” radio program, Susan Nilon’s nationally known interview subjects have ranged from former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, to CNN host, Michael Smerconish. Susan regularly takes on timely issues like pay equity, marijuana legalization, and LGBTQ rights – yet also is Sarasota’s most in-depth and observant current affairs commentator.


Governor Charlie Crist, Florida

Susan brings warmth and depth to every interview, speech, public appearance, and column. Her well-rounded perspective, delivered with the zest of a woman who revels in self-empowerment, is capable of engaging (and often winning over) even those who might oppose her forward-thinking views.

An unwavering resolve that everyone matters drives all of Susan’s endeavors. She is a proven master at adaptive change, illustrated by her leadership in making WSRQ (talk radio station) a sterling example of how to succeed on the air by “going local.”

Gov Deval Patrick

Gov Deval Patrick

Susan started her 30-year career by putting herself through college with her own real estate business, worked for years to help the careers of up-and-coming and veteran musicians, paved paths in artful green construction for seven years, is an expert in energy policy, and is a former teacher and mother.

James Carville, Political Strategist

James Carville, Political Strategist

Today, Susan is a public speaker, a broadly published writer, and sought-after emcee in addition to her broadcast and general manager experience. She has degrees in Communications from Temple University, Secondary English from Rowan University, and Law from Western Michigan.  For more detailed information about Susan, you can read more on LinkedIn.